Snow Fox Skincare - Ultra Soft Coconut Eco Blender Set

Eco-friendly, Coconut-Infused make up blenders that are super soft, bouncy and perfect for sensitive skin. - Latex free and hypoallergenic - Minimizes drag, streaks and cakiness on skin - Blends make up into skin flawlessly for a naturally airbrushed look - The blender duo is ideal for a hassle-free way to apply make up perfectly in the mornings, and is especially useful for those who blend two shades for their foundation - Grey colour comes from the natural coconut husk itself - Made with 50% coconut husk for excellent water absorption and retention properties, so when your blender is dampened, it stays fluffy and soft for hours! - Use damp or dry *Please note that due to natural properties of the coconut husk, colour may vary between sponges. Due to its 50% plant based origin, it also degrades faster than plastic so we recommend replacing every 3 months*

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