Routine - Bonita Applebom 50g Deodorant STICK

CONFIDENCE IN A STICK. This little stick of wonder was created for your underarms, but its natural formula means you can put it on all your places. Your feet, between your thighs, nape of neck, and your under-boobs are all great places to prevent/remedy unsavoury smells & get your signature scent amplified. WARM, SPICED & NOSTALGIC Apple, Clove, Nutmeg & Vanilla. LIFE-CHANGING & LOVED BY MILLIONS. MADE WILD IN THE WEST. Every 50g deodorant stick is filled 2.5 km away from the routine HQ in a cardboard and post-consumer recycled twist-up tube, made of 50% less plastic than a conventional deodorant stick. Contains a 2-4 month supply of life-changing deodorant, meaning less waste or trips to the store. All natural ingredients, better for Mother Nature. Tested on human friends, never animal friends.

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