KITSCH - Kitsch x Bridgerton Satin Pillow Scrunchies / Toile De Blue

Get flawless hair, worthy of the season’s Diamond with elegant, toile-patterned and solid, powder blue satin, refined embroidery and piping details. This limited-edition, Bridgerton-inspired collection of satin pillowcases and hair accessories keeps your locks shiny and smooth for the social season ahead. Tangle-free scrunchies and a satin-wrapped hair towel turban are essential to maintain sleek, healthy hair, ready for balls and beyond. Keep this ultra limited-edition, coveted collection under wraps and out of Lady Whistledown’s column. -Two luxe, limited-edition satin scrunchies keep your hair silky & protected during beauty sleep & beyond -Elevated beauty rest with the luxurious feel of satin -Innovative alternative to traditional elastics -Plush material gently holds hair in place without tugging or snagging -Soft & comfortable to sleep on -Ideal for preserving longer, textured styles -For most hair types & textures

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