TATA HARPER Elixir Vitae


A Supernatural hyper-potent serum that targets severe wrinkles to restore the look of youthful plumpness and volume. Best for severe lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness/ elasticity, and dryness.

This multi-targeted formula includes 31 sources to minimize the look of severe wrinkles, 4 sources to volumize the look of skin, 11 sources of antioxidants, and 26 sources of plumping hydration.


This Supernatural serum is our ultimate wrinkle solution. Packed with 72 high-performance ingredients, Elixir Vitae targets severe signs of aging to restore the look of youthful plumpness and volume.

Ingredients to Minimize The Look Of Severe Wrinkles
Kelp Polymers
Narcissus Bulb
Rosehip Seed Oil
Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil
Gotu Kola
Sandalwood Seed Oil
White Willow Bark
Evening Primrose Seed Oil
Barley Leaf
Date Seed Extract
Micro-Algae Carotenoids
Norwegian Sea Kelp
Gallic Acid Polyphenols
Sea Fern
Buckbean Extract
Sea Daffodil

Ingredients for Plumping Hydration
Orange Blossom Peptides
Milk Thistle
Safflower Oleosomes
Coconut Extract
Camellia Seed Oil
Rose Hydrosol
Radish Root Ferment
Sunflower Seed Wax
Macaw Oil
Swedish Turnip Seed
Eranda Esters
Coconut Emollient
Jojoba Oil
Sunflower Seed Oil

Ingredients to Volumize The Look Of Skin
Pistachio Crystals
Argan Fruit
Jugo Bean
Dabberlocks Seaweed

Ingredients for Nutrients & Antioxidants
African Birch Bark
Sacha Inchi Seed Oil
Grape Polyphenols
Prickly Pear Seed Oil
Green Tea Seed Oil
Açaí Oil
Vitamin E from Soy

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