Multiactive Solid Mask

Cleansing and renewing and treating dryness, cellulite, poor circulation or flakiness … are all basic steps when it comes to taking care of your body. SPIRULITE has been designed just for this! It is a multifunctional bar that beautifies your body’s skin. In addition to its cleansing activity, the exfoliating action is effective thanks to the Natural Luffa fibre trapped inside, which improves circulation and eliminates dead cells. It also contains Calendula and Spirulina extracts to fight cellulite and dryness. Spirulite’s delicious aroma is based on essential oils and arouses the sensations, turning any shower into a perfect beauty ritual.


SPIRULITE provides your skin with everything you need, nothing more and nothing less than what’s essential to keep it healthy and beautiful. Cleanse, exfoliate and treat all in one disc.

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