Omega Light Treatment


Our Omega Light Treatments are used to treat a handful of skin problems. Depending on which color you choose, this service can treat atopic dermatitis/acne, increase skin cell regeneration, improve the effects of photoaging, helps with pain relief, reduces redness, and can even relieve pain. The lights also normalize blood circulation, suppress inflammation, and help activate collagen production. This service has a WIDE range of benefits for you and your skin. 


Red Light: Amazing for All Skin Types

- Skin cell regeneration 

- Improves blood circulation

- Relieves pain


Blue Light: Acne Be GONE

- Regenerates cells damaged from acne

- Kills environmentally-caused bacteria

- Helps stop sebaceous glands from over-producing

- Prevents further acne infection


Green Light: Calming Your Skin & Mind

- Body/mind calming effects

- Calms and reduces redness in sensitive skin


Yellow Light: Brightening 

- Treatment of hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and dark spots

- Brightening an uneven skin tone

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