ĀETHER BEAUTY Big Bang Mascara


Otherworldly length and striking volume, it’s no wonder we called it The Big Bang. This mascara features a one-of-a-kind faceted brush head that delivers product from end to tip, ensuring each and every lash is lifted, glossed, and well defined. Our decadent formula coats the lashes with fortifying nutrients that encourage natural growth, so lashes appear fuller and fluffier.

What's in it:

  • Desert-derived Jasmine Plant Extract: Helps strengthen to prevent breakage
  • Organic Castor Oil: Moisturizes and encourages natural lash growth
  • Black Diamond Powder: Coats lashes with intense shine.

Why we love it:

Harnessing the power of black diamonds, this mascara boosts lash strength, shine, and vitality. Oh, and did we mention it’s smudge-free?

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