Our Founder, Nicole

Hi Everyone! First, I want to say I am so glad you are here. Switching to clean beauty is one of the best things I have ever done for myself, and glad you are looking into it, too. 

Verde was born from my personal skincare journey. I nearly have tried it all. Skin care is something that differs for everyone, but something that is a vital part of taking care of ourselves and our bodies. Verde was born out of my pure love for all things all-natural and green. My journey with clean skincare has been a long and experimental one. I have experienced firsthand the desire and the difficulty in finding products that really suit my skin and work. 

With so many product options out there, starting your skincare journey can be scary and intimidating. Clean, non toxic, and paraben-free ingredients can be hard to find. Especially finding products that are results-driven. As someone who has tried a large portion of clean skincare brands over the years, I dreamt up Verde in hopes of helping other people figure out what works for their skin. All of Verde’s brands and products are handpicked by me personally. Knowing you can step into Verde and not worry about any ingredients is refreshing 

One of my biggest inspirations is visiting sunny, perfect, California. The Venice, and Santa Monica area is my favorite. We all know, things start in LA and take way too long to get to the rest of the world. From juice cleanses, to clean beauty, to living a bit more sustainably it’s all the “norm” in LA. Every time I visit, I get the biggest internal push to make things more accessible where I live. -x Nicole