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For our first blog we wanted to introduce ourselves! Verde is all about hand picked, luxury green beauty. We are the home of results-driven, non-toxic facials and more. Located in the heart of De Pere, Wisconsin, our store is a thoughtfully curated collection of many world-leading, high-performance clean beauty and wellness brands. 

We carry a wide assortment of skincare, beauty, and lifestyle products. From serums and toners to candle and supplements, we are your entrance into a world of  all good, super clean products that have the power to change the way you think about your skin. 


Some of our fave brands we carry are:

Ambre Blends


Goldfaden MD


Lake and Skye



Province Apothecary

Moon Juice



Tata Harper

Saint Cosmetics

Sonya Dakar


& so many more


Our Team is made up of three women who are passionate about the skincare world each in their own specific way.


Nicole: The amazing owner and creater of Verde, this store would not exist without Nicole's passion for all things healthy and green. As a co-owner of Bona Fide Juicery, Nicole has committed to living a lifestyle that nourishes both her body and her mind. It's no surprise that her love for all-natural skincare fits hand in hand with that lifestyle. She dreamed up Verde after seeing a need in the Greater Green Bay for products that will not only make our skin look good but also let us feel good about the ingredients we're using!




Lauren: Our incredible licensed esthetician who created 5 skin-changing, customizable facials for Verde is in store on Wednesday's and Friday's. Lauren is always available to our clientele for any skin-related questions. She has a wide and deep knowledge that reaches from all different skin types, skincare products, and skincare services. As a mama, esthetician, and beauty guru Lauren is a triple freakin' threat. She knows what your skin needs even before your skin knows. 




 Sam (me): Skincare has been a LONG journey for me, from hormonal acne to an uneven skin tone, and everything in between! I've tried countless skincare routines and oral medications, done tons of research on skin types and products. My passion for skincare developed out of a need to figure out my own skin. It's a never ending journey but switching over to all natural products from Verde these past two months has been skin-changing. I love meeting people with similar skin problems and sharing what has worked for me. I also run Verde's social media accounts and you can find me in store pretty much every day. 













Sunday: Closed

Monday - Friday: 11 AM - 5 PM

Saturday: 10 AM - 2 PM


Can't make it in during those hours? Order online or DM us to schedule a private shopping time or party!





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