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We know how important a full ALL-NATURAL skincare routine is but sometimes transitions can be hard. That's why we put together a list by skin type of the ONE product you need to start your move over to clean, all-natural skincare products.
(Trust me, we're happy to give you a full skincare routine.. it was almost impossible to pick just one product.)



Aging Skin: Goldfaden's Fleuressence

With over 7 active botanicals, omega fatty acids, and Vitamins A, C, & E this facial oil can only be described as a POWERHOUSE for your skin. A lot of people shy away from facial oils because they're afraid that it'll leave their skin greasy, not this magical little product. When it comes to dry, aging skin this elixir will make your radiance and glow skyrocket. It protects and restores damage from environmental stressors, promotes your skin's natural rejuvenation, and improves your overall complexion. You'll be left with smooth, hydrated, plump, glowing, (and so many other incredible adjectives) skin!


Dry Skin: Sonya Dakar's Blue Butterfly Balm

Your current moisturizer might be cutting it for your dry skin during the summer season but once winter hits, you NEED to upgrade to a balm. Sonya's Blue Butterfly Balm is skin transforming. This cold pressed balm starts as a solid but as you rub it between your fingers and onto your skin, it turns into an oil. This allows it to sink into even deeper layers of your skin! Filled with naturally soothing oils like Macademia, Cupuacu, and evening primrose; this balm is super satisfying for the most sensitive of skins. The potent Blue Butterfly Flower and Kalahair Melon help seal in moisture and protect you from environmental stressors (i.e. harsh freaking Wisconsin winters). Did I mention it leaves your skin clear and absolutely freaking glowing???


Oily Skin: Osea's Blemish Balm

Oily skin comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people are oily all over or just oily in their t-zone, some are oily with acne or oily without acne! This moisturizer is good for all the above. It's super lightweight and minimizes the appearance of pores by being super mattifying. It also doubles as a make up primer! The Tea Tree, Juniper, and Thyme help with purifying and detoxification which is good for all skin types but specifically the acne-prone people. As an added bonus, it helps sooth surface level redness and irritation. 


Hyperpigmentation/Dark Spot Skin: Pai's Rosehip Oil

Pai's Rosehip Oil has 3 main goals.. brightening, evening, and nourishing. Rosehip seed is known for it's brightening properties. That's why it is a perfect fit for anyone looking to diminish hyperpigmentation, dark spots, sun spots, or acne scars. Pai has a special process where they derive the powers from the rosehip seed with CO2 extractions. It's kind of a magic product for any person who wants to brighten up their skin, dark spots or not! 


Sensitive Skin: FitGlow's Cloud Comfort Cream

I want to start this off by saying that about 90% of our products are incredible for sensitive skin. We do however have products that specifically target sensitive skin problems. The Cloud Comfort Cream is an incredible moisturizer that really sinks in past the skin barrier for extreme moisture. As an added bonus it's also going to protect from environmental stressors and nourish your skin to the max. Arnica, Chia, and Cloudberry coming in with the moisture, Calm Allantoin Liposome as a healing property, and Got Kola for signs of aging and improving texture!  You'll be happy you added this one into your routine.


Acne-Prone Skin: Goldfaden's Facial Detox

As someone with acne-prone skin, this is what I call a holy grail product. It does what the name says and even more. Detoxifying, purifying, soothing, smoothing. It reduces redness and irritation, minimizes the appearance of pores, clears blemishes, and evens out your tone. The list goes on. My skin feels clearer, smoother, and soothed after every use. Throw it on wherever and whenever it's needed. I prefer to take a whole bath in it but you can also use it as an allover mask, T-Zone mask, spot treatment, or really wherever you are breaking out. Recommended use is up to 4 times a week, I like to use it on days I can't use my retinol. 


Dull Skin: Tata Harper's Resurfacing Mask

Instant Glow are two words that everyone wants to hear when they're shopping skincare. Tata really delivers with her Resurfacing Mask for Instant Glow. With 18 all natural, high performance ingredients, this product is their best-selling mask. We also have gotten rave review from customers who have purchased so far. Apply a thick layer allover, leave on for 20 minutes, rinse with warm water and prepare to be stunned. Your skin will be fully transformed and glowing like crazy.

Side note: because of the willow bark and witch hazel this mask also works amazingly as a spot treatment. Dab it on overnight and wake up to a pimple that has reduced in size and color. It will also stop the overnight spread of bacteria. 



Redness Prone Skin: FitGlow's Redness Rescue Cream

Red skin no more! This cream has a long lineup of amazing ingredients including: C3 Calm Complex, Wakame Cell Bioferment, Grape Seed Oil, AND Zinc Oxide. This lotion is the perfect match for anyone with red or sensitive skin. The C3 Calm Complex is a powerful blend of calming plants that helps repair and strengthen stressed out skin! The Wakame Cell Bioferment helps improve your skin's elasticity and firmness while protecting it from the harshness of our environment. The zinc is what really attacks that redness and the grape seed oil works on the hydration and skin cell regenerating! ... like I said, a LONG line up of amazing ingredients. 





** Tata Harper and Osea products can't be purchased online. If you are not local, send us a DM or give us a call and we can totally ship them to you!

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