SPF All Year Long

If you have skin, you should be wearing sunscreen. That's our golden rule here at Verde. When most people think of SPF, they tend to think of the summer sun, swimming pools, and outdoor activities. We're here to tell you that you should be wearing your sunscreen ALL. YEAR. LONG. The sun's rays are just as harmful to your skin in the colder seasons or on cloudy days as they are in the summer or on sunny days.  

Besides the obvious, very important reason of preventing skin cancer, wearing SPF can do a whole lot for your skin. 

 Top Reasons to Wear Sunscreen Year Round: 

- Helps decrease chances of skin cancer

- Helps prevent signs of early aging

- Maintains an even skin tone and texture 

- Keeps away sun spots or dark marks. 

- Protects proteins in your skin like Keratin

Here at Verde we have a wide range of sunscreen products from moisturizers, primers, or powders that all have SPF in them. Stop by and get the perfect product for your lifestyle! Let's protect that gorgeous skin. 

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