Let's Talk: Retinols

Let’s talk about our favorite skincare product at Verde.... RETINOLS! 


Retinols are your skins magic little helpers and Vitamin A derivatives. They have incredible properties that help with a wide range of skin problems from acne to fine lines to regenerating skin cells.

Retinols are suitable for all skin types. They leave you with fresh, clear, and glowing skin. All of our retinol products at Verde are plant based or retinol alternatives, that means they are NOT harsh like the ones you’ve been prescribed at your dermatologist! It is possible that you'll still go through a purging phase but it will be way shorter and less dramatic.  

Our retinols are seriously amazing for all skin types. All of the products below will help with acne, anti-aging, uneven skin tone and texture, but if we had to choose..... here are Verde’s best retinols  based on your skin type: 


Acne/Dull Skin: Mara Algae Retinol


Anti-Aging/Uneven Skin Tone: Sonya Dakar Retinu 


Fine Lines/Wrinkles: Tata Harper’s Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil


Dry Skin: Goldfaden’s Wake Up Call


All Skin Types: CocoKind’s Resurfacing Mask


Retinols have to be used at night only, and they can’t be used when pregnant or breastfeeding. Usually we recommend starting with 3 times a night, and then adding more days if you think your skin can handle it. If you notice your skin is way more dry than usual, scale back on your nightly use. Don’t forget to grab your SPF, retinol can make your skin a little sensitive to sun!


We are here and eager to help; stop in, call us, or message us with any of your skincare questions!

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