Glow With The Seasons

Here at Verde we normally recommend that you get one facial per month, but we do understand that for some people that is just not possible! Life gets in the way, or your bank account, and you just can't make it happen every month. We definitely get it. If you can't come in once a month, then we really recommend getting a facial every time the season changes.

In Wisconsin we experience all 4 seasons, which means our skin is being exposed to all 4 seasons too. For most people this probably means extra dry in winter, too much sun exposure in summer, and so on. Since you most likely aren't changing all of your products based on the season, it's extra important to see your esthetician for that extra attention. 

Getting a facial every time the seasons change ensures that your skin is refreshed and renewed. Here at Verde we have a ton of incredible products that will help you with the up keep between facial. 




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