Get Your Dream Lashes With This Free Mascara!

FitGlow has used science and nature to create a beautifully harmonious skin care and make up line. The products are all-natural and non-toxic, but there is an exact chemistry behind them that proves they know how to make products that WORK. From anti-aging to acne, they target all of your skincare concerns and everything in between.

This weekend we are giving away a FREE Good Lash + Mascara with every FitGlow purchase over $85. This deal works both in store and online, there is no code necessary. 

FitGlow's GOOD LASH + MASCARA, 3-in-1 vegan mascara, amplifies lash volume and length while nourishing lashes with powerful botanical extracts and plant protein to promote lash health and growth. The multitasking mascara/serum/conditioner enhances the look of lashes plus provides potent vitamins and antioxidants to help lashes grow thicker, denser and fuller. Frail and brittle lashes are strengthened and protected by organic emulsion which prevents breakage and leaves lashes looking rich and full. 

We have about 34 different product variants from FitGlow and each one is even more amazing than the next. From Lip Serums to Facial Oils and everything in between, it won't be hard for you to spend $85 on these amazing products.



Verde's Fave FitGlow Products:

Sea Toning Mist:  This mist not only smells incredible, but is also great for your skin. We recommend spraying it in your mask to keep your skin cool and stress free during those long days. It'll help combat maskcne and keep your skin FRESH. 

Night Lip Serum: We call this magical little guy LIP FILLER IN A BOTTLE. With vegetable collagen and natural plumping ingredients, this serum give your lips all the hydration and plump you need. Put it on overnight and wake up with the softest lips ever. 



  ***Deal is good October 8th - October 10th

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