Don't Forget Your Double Cleanse!

Double cleansing. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to even find the time to cleanse once, let alone twice! We get it, we really do but double cleansing is SO important. We're here to tell you why. 

Some of you are gonna scroll right past this because you already know exactly what I'm talking about. BUT some of you are probably reading in a panic because what is double cleansing and why haven't you hear of it before. That was me less than 5 months ago before my esthetician forced an oil cleanser in my hand and said, "Get to it!" 


Why Should I Double Cleanse?

No matter what cleanser you use, there is always going to be left over dirt, debris, and make up on your skin. This dirt, debris, and make up is going to block your cleanser from getting deeper into your skin and doing what it's supposed to! Your first cleanser should be the one that holds the burden of removing all of that pollution so your second cleanser can come in and do it's job. 


How Do I Double Cleanse? 

⁣Your first cleanser is most likely always going to be an oil cleanser. These are the best for breaking down all the surface level dirt on your skin. It's the best way to make sure ALL of your make up is off your skin. To all of my oily skin friends, DON'T WORRY, if you're using the correct cleanser this will not leave your skin feeling greasy. 

Oil cleansers go on dry skin, lather it all up and then rinse with water. Your skin will feel moisturized but clean. 

⁣Your second cleanser will be used to target to your skin type and help combat problem areas within your skin. We call this your treatment cleanser! So whether you have acne-prone skin, dull skin, dry skin, aging skin, etc. you're going to want a cleanser that has ingredients th. Now that you've removed all of the pollution, bacteria, and dirt, your second cleanser will be able to get into deeper layers of your skin and feed it all of it's amazing ingredients!

Over all bonuses of double cleansing⁣:

  • nourished skin
  • smoother and even tone
  • brighter skin
  • less clogged pores ⁣
  • less fine lines


Some of our fave oil cleaners are:



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