6 Must Have Products for this Summer

Now that summer is FINALLY here, that means so is the list of top products to utilize this summer. We are featuring 6 amazing products that will get you through this summer to look, feel, and smell your best.

Sonya Dakar Face Shield

This is a multi-protection SPF 30 with so many benefits. The face shield protects from UV A and B rays which is beneficial for preventing aging and burning of the skin. Wearing this on a day to day basis will ultimately help you keep your skin in great shape and is perfect to put on under your daily make-up routine.

Kinfield Golden Hour

The most clean and effective bug spray you will use this summer to keep those annoying mosquitoes away. Not to mention the magical vanilla and citrus scent. 

FitGlow Vita Active Serum

The serum that everyone is talking about. This serum has such a wide variety of benefits and happens to be our founder, Nicole's, absolute favorite! With it being jam packed with antioxidants it will help your skin with not only providing an ultimate glow, but help with the production of collagen in the skin, reduce sun spots and freckles, and also help with hyperpigmentation that is caused by the sun. Overall, an all in one serum.

One Love Botanical C Body Oil 

Body oil has been a huge hit this summer and can be such a universal product for anyone. One Love body oil in particular has a scent that reminds you of paradise and delivers Vitamin C to nourish your skin. With this body oil being a great boost of moisture to the skin it leaves your skin glowing and extremely hydrated. 

 Vapour Perfecting Powder- Loose

A natural glowy look is alway in style, however, in the summer it is normal for our skin to get oily faster due to humidity or environmental stressors. With the Vapour perfecting power being translucent,  it can help to absorb and mattify the skin all with a super natural look. 

Cleo + Coco Blue Tansy Deodorant

A great deodorant for sensitive skin and for a little extra odor protection, which is always helpful, but especially during the summer. With this deodorant being made with blue tansy, it helps the skin stay comfortable throughout the day. 

FitGlow Day Essence 

A super hydrating formula that will give your skin the perfect glow that it needs this summer and all year round. This essence is great for protecting the skin from blue light pollution throughout the day and adds the perfect amount of moisture into your skin.   


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