Cozy In A Cup - Verde

Cozy In A Cup

Picture this, it's 20 degrees outside, your fireplace is roaring, and your sipping on a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Except there's a plot twist,...

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Toners: Fact or Fad? - Verde

Toners: Fact or Fad?

 Toners and mists have been around for awhile but just recently have come into the light as a very important step in your skincare routine. We are ...

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That ONE product you NEED - Verde

That ONE product you NEED

  We know how important a full ALL-NATURAL skincare routine is but sometimes transitions can be hard. That's why we put together a list by skin typ...

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Magnesi - UMMM DUH! - Verde

Magnesi - UMMM DUH!

Magnesium supplements are a must-have addition to your daily routine. It's a scientific fact that every cell in your body NEEDS magnesium to functi...

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Let's Talk: Retinols - Verde

Let's Talk: Retinols

Let’s talk about our favorite skincare product at Verde.... RETINOLS!    Retinols are your skins magic little helpers and Vitamin A derivatives. T...

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Welcome To Verde - Verde

Welcome To Verde

  For our first blog we wanted to introduce ourselves! Verde is all about hand picked, luxury green beauty. We are the home of results-driven, non-...

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